Nobody But You


Contemporary Romance


College. It was supposed to be a fresh start. My first real venture out into the real world, a new look and a new me. The past wouldn't define me anymore. I was nervous, yet excited. That all changed the moment I ran into Mr. A**hole. I clearly had the right away, but he seemed to disagree with me. I breathed in a fresh sigh of relief when the whole mess was over and done with. Until, my older brother Ryan, showed up with the jerk in our childhood home. 


Ace Daniels. The arrogant prick loved to grate my nerves at any possible second, and yet, I was drawn to him. He was a hot mystery that lit me on fire. I couldn't indulge like I wanted to though, because my past continued to bite me in the a**. I did my best to stay away from him, but Hurricane Dawson threatened everything. Before I knew it, we were trapped at my family's beach house with no one but ourselves to keep each other company. 


The hurricane became more dangerous with every passing second. Our survival was at stake, but more importantly, so was my heart.

My Beast

Romance Thriller

I did the unimaginable—I took someone’s life. 

After waking up one night covered in another person’s blood, I didn’t know what to think. Most days, I still don’t. Yet somehow I’ve managed to keep this hidden, even from my boyfriend, Reiden, who happens to be a detective for the local police department. 

He’s been alerted of the missing body, and he comes home one night to tell me he’s been assigned the case. I should’ve been overjoyed for him, but the fear coursing through me was uncontrollable. 

My boyfriend—the love of my life—is unknowingly going to put me behind bars.

I’m struggling every day with missing pieces of time, appearing in places without remembering how I’ve gotten there, going to bed, and waking up in a completely different location. I’ve never been more terrified I’m losing my mind, but before he finds out what I’ve done I need to find out what’s wrong with me.

I have to be able to prove this, or I might very well lose the most important person in my life. 

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My Military Hero

Contemporary Romance


Rayne has had an extremely hard life ever since she turned eighteen. She was first kicked out of her home and had to live on the streets for a year. She now lives in the bad part of town where there are gangs and robberies every day. Her life changes one day when she is working at the local diner and a group of military men sits at one of her tables.


One of them takes a liking to her and wants to be her hero, but will she let Locland in, or will she push him away just like everyone else in her life? Come on a journey of love, betrayal, and learning to trust.

What People Say

Not just another love story, with the shadow of enemies close by you, will keep these pages turning! This is an edge of your seat read and rooting for Lock and Rayne. Not giving anything away, read this one and see how it ends!

Caroline Walken, My Military Hero


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