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My Beast


I did the unimaginable—I took someone’s life. 

After waking up one night covered in another person’s blood, I didn’t know what to think. Most days, I still don’t. Yet somehow I’ve managed to keep this hidden, even from my boyfriend, Reiden, who happens to be a detective for the local police department. 

He’s been alerted of the missing body, and he comes home one night to tell me he’s been assigned the case. I should’ve been overjoyed for him, but the fear coursing through me was uncontrollable. 

My boyfriend—the love of my life—is unknowingly going to put me behind bars.

I’m struggling every day with missing pieces of time, appearing in places without remembering how I’ve gotten there, going to bed, and waking up in a completely different location. I’ve never been more terrified I’m losing my mind, but before he finds out what I’ve done I need to find out what’s wrong with me.

I have to be able to prove this, or I might very well lose the most important person in my life. 

Only You


Time changes all things . . . can their relationship last? 


I’d been gone for six long years, and just like everything in life, things changed. I’d grown into a different man, and she’d surely turned into a different woman.

When we were younger, we promised each other one thing—we’d always be there for one another, no matter what. 


Some days, I think the promise we made to one another is why we didn’t give up, but the crude reality is we’ve changed, and we’re no longer the people who made those promises. The only difference is when I was serving, I didn’t have to look into those beautiful eyes of hers and lie about being okay.


Now, I’m home and worried my secrets are going to come to the surface.


I’ve survived war, but at what cost?



A long-distance relationship meant I learned what the definition of independence was, but it also meant my best friend and love of my life was thousands of miles away from me. I promised him that I would always be there for him. But our time apart left me with so many insecurities. 


Being thousands of miles away from one another prepared me for a lot, but what it didn’t do was prepare me for when he came home. I’d always been his Spitfire, but some days, it’s hard for me to keep that fire lit in my soul. 


He survived war while I’d been stateside, pushing through life on my own. 

I’ve seen the darkness in his eyes, the way he sweats at night and mutters names in his sleep. I know he’s been through so much, and while I’d never compare my struggles to his, I’m terrified our relationship is going to be put through the shredder. 


I’ve always been strong, but am I strong enough for him, for the both of us? 


I love Ryan and I’ll do anything to keep our relationship alive, even if it kills me. 

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