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My Beast

Contemporary Romance

I did the unimaginable—I took someone’s life. 

After waking up one night covered in another person’s blood, I didn’t know what to think. Most days, I still don’t. Yet somehow I’ve managed to keep this hidden, even from my boyfriend, Reiden, who happens to be a detective for the local police department. 

He’s been alerted of the missing body, and he comes home one night to tell me he’s been assigned the case. I should’ve been overjoyed for him, but the fear coursing through me was uncontrollable. 

My boyfriend—the love of my life—is unknowingly going to put me behind bars.

I’m struggling every day with missing pieces of time, appearing in places without remembering how I’ve gotten there, going to bed, and waking up in a completely different location. I’ve never been more terrified I’m losing my mind, but before he finds out what I’ve done I need to find out what’s wrong with me.

I have to be able to prove this, or I might very well lose the most important person in my life. 

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