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Christmas With You

Contemporary Romance

Christmas – one of the most magical and romantic times of the year.

With the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon in the air, with couples leaning in for Eskimo kisses to warm their noses, and with the high-pitched laughter of children during winter break, it is a heartwarming time for the Danvers and the Wilsons.

Christmas is always an extravagant affair with more gifts than the children will ever need and enough food to feed the US Army.

But this year, when the family business falls under and both families are left floundering, it puts a huge damper on Christmas. Both families are left struggling as they all try to stay afloat while keeping the magic in the air for their children.

But if there is one thing the Danvers and the Wilsons are good at – it’s finding solutions and having enough love to share with everyone around them. And they’re determined to keep this Christmas the same as every Christmas before.

Follow this heartwarming love story about the true meaning of Christmas, in Christmas with You.

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