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Always My Savior

Contemporary Romance

Giving up the chance to play in the NFL had been a no-brainer for Gage Dexter. Losing Carter was a defeat he couldn’t live with.

Ten years ago, everyone left, leaving behind only memories. And while they chased better lives and bigger opportunities outside of this small town, I stayed. I stayed because I wouldn’t be like my mother; I wouldn’t leave my dad like she did.

But I wasn’t enough to mend his broken heart.

Just like I hadn’t been enough for Gage Dexter.

Time was supposed to heal all wounds, but the moment Gage stepped back into Honey Magnolia, my broken heart suddenly began to beat again.

And when I end up in a tragic accident—one that killed my boyfriend—I cling to the one person I shouldn’t.

I’m drowning in guilt and misery.

When Gage steps back into my life, will he be enough to save me from myself? Or will he destroy what’s left of us…what’s left of me?

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